Hello, Kwey!

This web site is both the history of one project, Kaianishkat, a training project for indigenous women community-based researchers and a sharing space for tools that have been developed during the project.

You will find those tools under the tab “Toolbox”. Those are short information sheets explaining the main elements to be considered while in a research process. Those information sheets where first conceived for indigenous women to conduct research in their own communities, but they can be useful to anyone who wants to begin conducting research.

The tabResearch Experiences” is a space for sharing research experiences from the Kaianishkat network. For this first phase, the researchers were interested in the notion of identity in an indigenous environment. Other experiences and research will be added eventually. Those experiences can be transmitted through documents produced during the research process, as consent forms, questionnaires, but also testimonies, notes, research reports, etc. All of them being of interest for sharing findings and reflections.

Finally, the Reference List” tab allows accessing other pertinent tools.