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Isabelle Paillé Isabelle is of Abenaki’s origin and from Wôlinak, but she has been living in Montreal for a few years. She works at Quebec Native Women on the promotion of non-violence and coordinates the network of native shelters in Quebec. Mother of four, she is interested, among other things, by the reality of urban indigenous women. Isabelle has already experience in research due to her education as a social worker.


Nathalie Bussière Nathalie is of Wendat origin and she lives in the Montreal region. Mother of a daughter, she works at Quebec Native Women on the Health file. Trained in naturopathy and passionate with holistic healing questions, she is very involved in her work and is interested in the issue of urban indigenous women.


Janine Tremblay Janine is an Ilnu from Piekuakamitsh (Mashteuiatsh). She has a long experience in the bush and has been a band councillor during many years. Mother of a son she is very involved in her community and works closely with the Women’s Council of Mashteuiatsh.


Mandi Thompson Mandi is a young Abenaki from Odanak and from the Wawanolett family (which means warrior). She has been very involved with the Abenaki culture since she was 4. While growing up, she learned traditional dances with Nicole O’Bomsawin (Mikw8baïd) and Aln8bak (dance group), traditional language and basket weaving transmitted by her family ancestors. When she was a teenager she began signing with Aw8ssisak Akik and she now sits on the Board of Directors of Quebec Native Women as the representative of the Abenaki nation. Dedicated to the Association and bearer of knowledge coming from her Wawanolett family, Mandi is also part of the youth committee M8wwa from her community since its inception. Passionate with indigenous values, she shares her knowledge with future generations, specially her daughter and the baby to come, to be proud of being Abenaki.


Audrey-Lise Basile Audrey-Lise is a young woman from Ekuanitshit. She recently got her diploma in humanities from Cegep. This is not the end of her studies and will soon go on to study social work in university. She has a brief experience in research because of her training in Cegep. She loves her culture and her interest in women’s rights is growing. The project Kaianishkat has been a good opportunity for her.


Caitlin Tolley  Caitlin Tolley is Algonquin Anishinabe from Kitigan-Zibi Anishinabeg. She is currently working to attain her Juris Doctor at the University of Ottawa.  Caitlin has completed a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in political science. She aspires to one day advocate for Indigenous women in a legal capacity upon the completion of her law degree. Her project will focus will on empowering Algonquin women to pursue leadership positions.  She will also identify the unique challenges that Algonquin women face when pursuing leadership roles within their communities.


Gabrielle Lamouche Gabrielle is a Mohawk from Kanehsatà:ke and she is interested in cultural parenting of Mohawk women.


Cheyenne Lazore Cheyenne is a Mohawk from Akwesasne, a young mother, a Lacrosse player and Graduate in American History Native studies and Physical fitness from Potsdam State University of New York   . She is part of the research team at the Mohawk Council of Awakesasne. She is interested in the Membership Code of her community.

At the end of the project

At the end of the project, a web platform will be available to the researcher to facilitate communication and help maintain the network beyond the scope of the project ( The results of the research will be disseminated to the communities.