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The Kaianishkat project operates with a coordinating team, a supervisory committee and an advisory committee. Its objective is to train community-based researchers within a network. The coordinating team deals with the daily tasks to implement of the project, the follow-up with the researchers and organization of the different meetings. The team also produced the training tools included on this website. The team consists of the project coordinator, the project officer from the Service aux collectivités and the professor responsible of the project.

The supervisory committee takes the important decisions for the project. The project coordinator, the President and the Legal and Policy Analyst of Quebec Native Women, the Project officer of the Service aux collectivités and the professor responsible of the project are part of the supervisory committee.


Josée-Anne Riverin, Joanne Ottereyes, Viviane Michel, Marie Léger, Laurent Jérôme

The advisory committee guides the team and its members share their vast experience. It includes elders who are experts on culture and transmission. The advisory committee helps the project to be rooted in the different nations’ cultures and ways.


Top Row: Josée-Anne Riverin, Marie Léger, Viviane Michel, Joanne Ottereyes
Bottom Row, the Elders: Nicole O’Bomsawin, Mary Coon, Dianne Ottereyes Reid